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Now there is a Viable Alternative to Abusive Timeshares

Using little-known consumer protection statutes, we fight for your rights against those timeshare companies that are in violation of consumer statutes designed to protect the innocent timeshare owner from misleading, abusive and oppressive timeshare tactics.

Due to the complexity and variety of timeshare product structures, a uniform and consistent method of timeshare regulation has been established to safeguard consumers, the tourism industry, and the economic well-being of the government and its tax payers from unscrupulous and illegal high pressure timeshare sellers.

In order to protect the quality of timeshare plans and the consumers who purchase them, it is the intent of these laws to to encompass virtually all forms of timeshare plans.

The Vacation Ownership & Timeshare Act of 2004 provides a legal remedy for unwitting consumers who have been injured by violations of the Act.

Legal action under the Vacation Ownership & Timeshare Act of 2004 provides many remedies, including the rescission of your original timeshare agreement.

The Law offices of Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates has been in business for over 30+ years specializing in real estate litigation. Its founder, Mitchell Sussman, is licensed both as an attorney and real estate broker and has written and lectured on the subject of real estate, bankruptcy and foreclosure.

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Experienced Litigation Attorney

Experienced Litigation Attorney
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