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Types of U.S. Foreclosure Proceedings

There are a lot of things that people are not aware of when it comes to foreclosure of loans and this is where the law firm of Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates comes in, the experts who provide borrowers with this information.

Mitchell Reed SussmanSome of the facts that need to be taken into consideration when discussing foreclosure are that there are two kinds of foreclosure. These are the non judicial foreclosure and the court supervised foreclosure.

When it comes to non judicial foreclosure, this is the most frequent kind of foreclosure that you hear about all over the US. This is due to the fact that most borrower and lender agreements have this clause, which makes it easier for the bank to foreclose the loan and sell of the realty to another buyer. This is quick and easy for the lender to do and is not an expensive affair. The foreclosure which involves the courts consent is another kind of foreclosure all together, and this kind of foreclosure involves the bank auctioning off or arranging for the sale of the real estate.

For situations such as this it is better to consult with a professional law firm who will be able to provide the borrower of the loan some best options that are available to them, and also on the laws that are in place which protect the borrower. Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates deals with a lot of such cases are in a position to provide borrowers the best advice which will protect them and the interests that they have.

There is the situation of “foreclosure by court action” this involves the right that the borrower has to foreclose the loan under the supervision of the court to protect themselves. Here the court will supervise the sale or auction of the real estate and pay the lender of the loan what is due to them after legal expenses. In addition to this the borrower of the loan would also require under due process to justify to the court the motivations for such actions.

The best course of action of course is to consult with a good lawyer who is able to provide you with the information that you really require based on the circumstances that surround your property. For more information regarding foreclosure and the laws that govern them you can check the website of Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates.

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