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Case name:Outcome:
Bowers v. WeissJudgment for plaintiff quieting title & damages
Shallenberger v. RavennaDefense verdict
Syber Sales v. SlayenAppellate reversal of court ordered dismissal
Estate of Ross$25 million dollar award to plaintiff
SColour Concepts v. Palmieri$540,000 award for plaintiff

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Can Landlored Kick Me Out Of The Store Without Going To Court For Not Paying Full Rent Or Change Of Use ?First of all, your landlord can not simply lock you out of the store. He has to follow normal court... [more]
Can Spouses Business Bankruptcy Affect Me?This is not the way to handle. By that I mean do NOT quitclaim to your daughters. If you want to protect your interest in the house the means to do that depends on the answer to a number of questions... [more]
Want To Find A Reasonably Priced Real Estate Attorney To Write A Letter To A Neighbor To Put Them On Notice For Their Prior Acts Damaging My Property.This is a fairly simple and straight forward legal issue which my office has handled on a number of occasions. If you wish to get more information on this subject do not hesitate to contact me... [more]
I Have A Problem With My Agent And Broker?These cases turn on the facts. It is very hard to predict how something like this can go. Unfortunately, once it is a lawsuit you do need to hire an attorney even if you are in the right... [more]
How A Lien Can Be Free On A Property If Loan Was Already Discharge Under Bankruptcy?You need to file a motion to remove the lien in bankruptcy while the case is pending. Alternatively, you can reopen the case and file the motion... [more]
How Do I Remove My Parents From The Deed Of My House?Based upon what you have stated, this is a simple matter. You can have the deed removed from the property by an attorney familiar with these types of issues. It will require a piece of litigation to do it... [more]
Can I sue real estate agent for failing to disclose existence of HOA?By all means you have a case against your agent. This is something that is both material and there is a duty to disclose... [more]
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Is filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy the best way to be rid of a timeshare?There are Many Ways to Be Relieved of your Timeshare Obligations, filing Chapter 7 is not one of them as a timeshare is an ongoing obligation which will continue on beyond the date of your Chp 7 discharge.

While it is true that a timeshare contract is a binding legal document, it is often mistakenly thought that such a contract cannot only be cancelled. In fact, most timeshare companies maintain that their contracts are non - cancellable. This misconception is perpetuated by timeshare companies and user groups that are funded, maintained and controlled by the timeshare industry.

The truth of the matter is, that under the law, contracts are cancellable for a variety of reasons, including fraud and mistake. Moreover, a person who is burdened by the obligations of a contract may "terminate" it and no longer be bound by the contract for reasons other than breach.
Actions on lies by Real Estate agent.The department of Real Estate is one option. They regulate real estate agents and you can file a... [more]
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